Our Promise

By working with Dr. Tricia, you will never again see animals in the same way. Your purr-spective and your heart will be forever opened to what is possible for your pet and your relationship with your pet will be stronger and deeper than before.

About Me

I am so very Southern, a sassy spirit, lipstick, lace and leopard print. My heart is and always has been with the animal kingdom. Paws and claws have melted my tears and given me the strength to go on when I felt I could not. I am a mixture of light and dark, the divine feminine, deeply mysterious and mystical. I have a connection to Spirit which blesses me with a unique healing ability and a way to see into the soul to support guardians and their pets to create a deeper relationship. My abilities with the animals translates back to humanity and I focus on healing what is broken. I am about consciousness in all that we do and I possess a unique ability to understand the final moments of life. I am able to support both animals and people to move to the next level with ease and grace. Quirky and fun, but with such a deep heart, let me show you how much better it can be for both you and your animal companions!

Meet The Team!

Mary Hickish serves in multiple capacities at Paws for Thought Animal Foundation. For the foundation, she is the Education and Volunteer Coordinator. Here she wears many hats – she serves in all administrative capacities, supports R and D, administers the website and is here to answer all questions you may have. She is currently wrangled by one pup, Tani who provides emotional support as Mary puts out fires and tries to make sense of the many ideas that I get. Mary is also a talented healer and animal communicator.

Our Partners

Ana Maria Vasquez – IntentionTraining.com, Dr. Will Tuttle – The World Peace Diet, Colleen , Dr. T.C. Branch – Oport Madrid Animal Clinic, Denise Mange, Kumari Mullin

Meet The Furr Team & Spirit Animals

We have two archangels with us who work with us; Raphael oversees all of the healing work done by the team and Archangel Gabriel works with me in the creation of all of the writings, programs and products. Ocean 2.0 acts in the capacity of chief healer when there is healing work to be done for clients, their pets and of course our own family. He has the knack to know just when and how to send his energy for support and healing. BaeyerHeart holds the space for healing work to occur. He works with me to keep my energy high and sustained. All he asks in return is for a bit of ice cream after his efforts.

Thor and Angel represent the canine efforts, they specialize in supporting those who are transitioning, lending a paw to help them to the Rainbow Bridge.

We do have other kitties, both here and on the other side who support the healing efforts and create sacred space for me to do my work, lending paws, hugs and kisses to the efforts in timely manners. From the other side, they send messages through dreams and meditation, act as guides during transitions, and help family members connect with their furbabies on the other side.

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